Uzuki the Reaper


17(At Debut)






Harrier Reapers

Story Edit

Uzuki has appeared many different times in the story. She first appears to taunt Andre and messing with him on the first day. On Day 2, she tries to manipulate Andre into killing Eri, but is stopped by Sanae.

Main information Edit

Uzuki Yashiro is the hotheaded partner-in-erasing of Koki Kariya. She wears a gloved sweater with a white corset and a pair of black shorts along with knee high white boots. The players call her "Pinky" because of her short pink hair and vibrant lipstick (though she's apparently touchy about this, telling players to "leave my hair out of this" the first time he uses the nickname to her face). She has been working as a Reaper for two years.

Personalilty Edit

Unlike many of her colleagues, Uzuki is completely obsessed with her work. Though she has a low rank among the Reapers, she is a perfectionist in every aspect when it comes to her occupation. When she is restricted from working hard, it drives her crazy. Uzuki, like all of the Harrier Reapers, has a total disregard for the lives of Players. She values each competitor as little as trash or a Noise. This only aids her in her zealous demeanor. She has a close bond with Koki Kariya, who is always trying to get her to calm down and enjoy death. Despite her status, she remains incredibly arrogant and obsessive at all times. However, after confronting Kariya about turning down his promotion, he explains that the life of an officer is far too boring and that she should stop to "smell the concrete roses." After that, she relaxes a little and instead pledges to rise through the ranks to make the game more rewarding for all Reapers, with Kariya's help. Uzuki relationship to Andre is unknown she could have a romantic interest or she is just teasing him.

Love Edit

Uzuki could possibly have a crush on Andre this is shown a couple of times.Numerous hints of this are as follows(down below)

  • Uzuki constantly calls Andre cutie.
  • She tells him if he kills Eri she'll substitute for his new girlfriend.
  • Uzuki uses the phone booth of love to call Andre(this could be she's trying to throw him of course)
  • She calls Andre on week 2 from the "Phone Booth of Love" but is rejected since Andre thought it was a prank call.
  • She jumps on him and kisses him multiple times when he saved her and Kariya from the nova shadows.