Babe, Eri and Andre



Sakura is the name of both the Character and the card. This article is about Sakura. The article about the card is here.

Personalilty Edit

While Babe acts aggressive and impulsive, Sakura balances him out with her calm demeanor. She is alway smile and is kind to everyone she meets. Always optimistic, Sakura manages to keep everyone organized when she's around. Her young and pure heart is impossible to hate, and gives her great love and loyalty.

Story Edit

When her brother Babe ran away from home, Sakura soon followed. However, both siblings died when Babe tried to save her from being hit by a stray bullet and had to play the Game. Babe and Sakura met up with Andre and Eri on the second day of the 1st week. Though they planned to team up, Andre's asocial tendencies combined with Babe's competitive spirit kept both teams separated. Nevertheless, both sets of Players developed a close bond and agreed to assist each other. Later, on the third day, Sakura and her brother completed the mission by erasing a small heartless that Andre and Eri had missed due to being distracted by their conquest over another, stronger Heartless. On the fourth day, though, the mission became far simpler- a simple movement to another area with no time limit. Unfortunately, the Reapers used the lowered guard of the players to lay a trap; Babe, while fooling around, was almost erased by a powerful, hidden heartless. Sakura, in the ultimate act of love, pushed her brother out of the way and was erased in his stead, leaving only her favorite necklace with a picture of her family in it. Her lingering Soul was bound to a card by Sanae, from which her heartless form could be summoned. Her memories and love of Babe were stated to be Babe's Entry Fee, though Babe first assumed it was Sakura's instead (which comes as a shock to him). She does recall that she had a brother and worries about him, but cannot connect this to her partner, whom she believes to be a kind stranger. This fact tore Babe apart inside and so he resolved himself to win the game and restore Sakura's memories. She lived at the end of the Game and was seen with Babe, Andre, and Eri.