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High Ranking Officer, Game Master in Babe's Chapter

The cold and crafty Mitsuki Konishi serves as the Game Master during the Babe's chapter, and is one of the most powerful Reapers. At first, she seems only interested in serving the Conductor, Megumi Kitaniji, but shows her true colors by doing whatever it takes to climb in the ranks. Her Noise form is Tigris Cantus (ティグリスカンタス Tigurisu Kantasu?, Latin for "singing tiger"), a winged tiger-woman.

Personalilty Edit

Konishi at first seems very loyal to the Composer and the Conductor and often demands respect when the Reapers of lower status address them. But this is just a ruse; she's truly very cold and manipulative and will do anything she sees fit to meet her own ends. Because of her passive personality and her relatively cold demeanor, she has gained the nickname "Iron Maiden". Her goal is to become the new Conductor, and she will do anything to achieve that goal. She used Kariya and Uzuki to stall for time during Andre and Babe's mission to find her, or betray Kitaniji and side with the resurrected Sho Minamimoto, reasoning that Kitaniji will either be defeated or be weakened enough from the battle that she can erase him herself. When confronted by Babe, she makes it clear how little she tolerates idiocy. She will still resort to trickery and mind games to deal with those she considers an annoyance.