Koki Kiraya the Reaper


19(At Debut)






Harrier Reaper

Koki Kariya (狩谷 拘輝 Kariya Kōki?), sometimes known as "Lollipop" by the Players, is Uzuki Yashiro's partner. He oversees the Game as a Harrier class Reaper (though easily classes into Officer level) and follows orders sent by the GM. He is the polar opposite of his hot-headed partner, Uzuki.

personality Edit

Although rumored to have high-level abilities, Kariya would much rather sit back and relax than exert effort in completing his assignments. Kariya explained to an enraged Uzuki that he declined a promotion because being an officer meant that he couldn't be out and about in the city he would only strut around looking important all day, a life he sees as boring. He is always holding an orange lollipop and is exceptionally cool-headed. Kariya spends most of his time playing games with Uzuki which he usually wins. The loser of these games treats the winner to a bowl of ramen. They play these games even with serious subjects, such as finding out the origin of the nova shadows and the cause of their change. He enjoys an easy, fun life, the exact opposite of his partner, Uzuki. Despite the differences in attitudes and goals, Uzuki and Kariya are friends and work incredibly well together, fighting like two halves of a whole. Kariya spends a great deal of time telling Uzuki about the old days of being a Reaper, and seems to know more about the Reapers' Game than he lets on. For example, he both knew what a nova shadow refinery sigil was and was able to predict what was happening to the city (though it was too late, as he and Uzuki fell victim to the 0-card's mind control). Kariya also talks about how they have never had so many Games in a row, indicating that he has been participating in the Game for a long time.

ability Edit

When in battle, Kariya is quite a formidable opponent despite his low rank. He can fire blasts from the air, which explode when they hit the ground doing massive damage to any nearby players. He is also capable of creating an electrical barrier around him, countering close-range psyches such as Shockwave. However, blocking these moves is possible if the Player is quick enough to attack.