Current composer

Denvor Grant

The Composer-(コンポーザー Konpōzā?) is the leader of the Reapers and the ruler of the Underground. It falls upon the Composer's shoulders to create the rules for the Reapers' Game, and to judge the Players.

Duties Edit

The Composer's main purpose in the Underground is to create and maintain the rules for the Reapers' Game, and to run the Reapers' Game. While almost never leaving his headquarters in the hidden River, the Composer works through his second-in-command, the Conductor.

Ablilites Edit

  • create the rules in the Reapers game
  • can promote or demote reapers
  • Invincible strength in battle
  • assign game masters for each week
  • controls reapers
  • can make a pact with players without permission
  • sends winning players back to the RG

Become composer Edit

To achieve the rank of Composer, the current Composer must be defeated. This is easier said then done, considering the Composer's immense amount of power. Only two known people have attempted to dethrone the Composer: Babe (with the aid of Andre and Eri), and Sho. Both failed. It is unclear if the current Composer, Denvor, is the original Composer or if he defeated a predecessor. At the end of the game, The Composer offered Andre a chance to dethrone him (and thus be able to set everything right) by winning a small game. Both were given a gun, and whoever fired first would win, becoming the new Composer. Andre was unable to shoot, however, partly due to his and Denvor's friendship built over the course of the previous week.