16(At Debut)



Sakura, Andre and Eri


player in the first and third week, harrier in the second week


Shadow and Blaze


player and Harrier

Personalilty Edit

Babe tries his best to act tough, but he's really a softie underneath. He gets embarrassed whenever people realize this. which reflects his soft nature. At the same time, Babe is very loud and impulsive, and tends to come to conclusions without reason. He's a little dense and can't pick-up complicated insults to him immediately, but eventually figures things out. Nevertheless, he's a big-hearted person who would do anything for his friends.

Story/Week 1 Edit

Andre first encounters Babe in Week 1 Day 2, where they get off to a rocky start. They meet again the next day, where Babe is reluctant to give them advice. However, at the end of the day, Babe and Sakura appear and save Andre and Eri by completing the mission. Afterwards, they seem to be on good terms, and agree to work together for the rest of the week. When Sakura is killed the next day, Andre, Eri and Sanae talk him out of fighting the heartless that attacked Sakura. As he leaves with Sanae, Andre and Eri agree to avenge Sakura in Babe's place. He joins the Reapers at the end of Day 7, surprising both Andre and Eri.

Week 2 Edit

During Week 2, Babe is assigned by Kitaniji to defeat Andre and Denvor. He attacks and overpowers them a number of times, but never brings himself to erase them. Despite their misgivings, in one encounter Andre is compassionate enough to return Sakura's necklace(which Babe had dropped the previous day) to him.

week 3 Edit

At the start of the third week, Babe chooses to leave the Reapers to become Andre's partner and save him from certain demise. (Being the only Player, Andre could not form a pact) As partners, the two become closer, and work together to survive the week, save Sakura and attempt to dethrone the Composer. During their time together, Andre learns more about Babe's background, why he is in the Reapers' Game. In the final battle, Babe states that he no longer sees Andre as a partner- but a friend. Together, along with Eri, they defeat Kitaniji in both his Noise forms. In the ending, Babe and Sakura both meet up with Andre and Eri down in the gallery, and the friends are reunited.