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15(Later in Reaper Games Arc)


August 23 1994


Eri, Denvor, Babe and Sakura




Dre,shade, Cutie, AB and Drizzy


player, composer's proxy

Andre is the protagonist of This wonderful world. He was born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. When he wakes up in the Crossing, he can't recall anything, his entry fee of the Reapers Game is Terra, Ven and Aqua and later Eri.

Personalilty Edit

Andre's personality is rather unsociable he used to be shy to meet others but he opened up to them, later when he is sent to Earth he meets Eraqus a keyblade master and three young kids who have been studying the keyblade. Andre hung out with them and has learned to open up and meet people, years later the three have left out on an important mission and he begins to think they've forgotten him and has started to change. He has difficulty understanding people, so he always keeps to himself. Unfortunately, this results in his dislike of dealing with other people. His opinion of others is so low that he tends to see people only for their use. He refuses company, as he feels that friends only drag him down, cause him pain when they fail him and make him feel like "unnecessary baggage" to them. To him, society is simply an annoyance that forces their values on him, pester him and expect him to do things he doesn't want to do.

Story/reapers game ARCEdit

Week 1 Edit

Eri is Andre's first partner in the Reapers' Game. At first, Andre dislikes Eri and only stays with her to survive. He also calls her "Stalker" because she follows him around. When Eri talks, Andre generally keeps to himself, only responding when he becomes irritated by her chatting. Early on, he seems to show little regard for her, as he is even willing to kill her when the Reaper Uzuki offered him a way out of the Game in exchange for doing so. Despite the incident, Eri continues to treat him the same, and does her best to understand him and try to teach him to open up. As time progresses, the two develop a bond of trust and friendship as they become close and open up to each other. When they run into Yodai Eri starts to run from Andre, but he stops her and gets her to tell the truth about her past. When Andre learns that she wasn't happy with who she was, and always felt jealous of everyone, he states that he likes her the way she is, giving her the confidence and personal strength she needed to win the game. After they defeat Yodai, the week's Game Master, Andre uses her name for the first time, which Eri notices right away. Through this experience, Eri and Andre grow closer, and the two promise to meet up with each other after the Game is over. When they learn that only Eri will move on to the RG, and that Andre must play the Game again, Eri states that she will wait everyday until Andre returns.

Week 2 Edit

Andre finds Denvor irritating, as he often teases him and his snobby attitude tends to get on Andre's nerves. However, Andre, motivated by his desire to bring Eri back to life, does everything he can to put up with him for the week. Despite their many disagreements, Andre finds that he can in a number of ways relate to Denvor. They have similar views of society and the world, which often come up in their conversations. This does gradually change however, as Andre's philosophy changes greatly over the course of their week together.Denvor claims to be searching for a way into the sacred hall so that he can take on the Composer and "jack center city"- or in other words, gain complete control over it.Andre eventually becomes incredibly distressed when he scans Denvor and sees flashbacks of him dying in a ally near the clothing district near Macy's, leading him to accuse Denvor of being his killer. Denvor neither confirms nor denies this throughout the week, and there is a great deal of tension between the two for the remainder of time they have together.

On the seventh day, when they battle the Game Master, Sho Minamimoto, Andre sees another flashback which leads him to believe that it was actually Sho who had murdered him. After defeating him, Sho (in his heartless form)unleashes level i flare, and Denvor pushes Andre off the top of the building they were fighting on to put him out of harm's way and takes the brunt of the attack, seemingly erasing both Sho and himself.

Week 3 Edit

Andre now partnered with Babe, deeply regrets that he never got to apologize to Denvor for accusing him of murdering him, and feels guilty for his death. Allowed to play the Game one more time, Andre vows not to waste this chance which Denvor had managed to give him. In the final day of the third week, Denvor returns after the fight with Kitaniji's heartless form, shocking Andre. Before they can talk to each other, Kitaniji absorbs Denvor and the final battle begins. Afterwards, Kitaniji is erased and Denvor reveals that he himself is the Composer and that everything that had transpired was part of a Game he had set up with Kitaniji- one that would ultimately decide the fate of center city. Wanting to erase the city, Denvor chose Andre as a proxy to play the Game for him- and he had won. He also returns what is missing of Andre's friends and memory, revealing that Denvor had indeed murdered Andre, just to send him into the game.Denvor has one final Game with Andre- a duel, in which the winner becomes Composer and gets to decide the cities fate. They both receive guns and Denvor begins a countdown for them to fire. Tearfully, an enraged Andre aims his gun and prepares to shoot- however, in the end, he cannot bring himself to kill a friend, and lowers his gun.

Following the duel, Denvor has a change of heart and decides to spare the city, having seen and observed the change in Andre firsthand. Andre then wakes up in the middle of the crossroad once again, crying in pain as he thinks that he must play the game once more (note the people staring at him, indicating he's back in the RG). In the ending, Andre wishes to see Denvor again, hoping he will show up with everyone else. He states that while he can't forgive him, he trusts him. Denvor does not arrive however, and watches the friends from atop of a building along with Sanae.

January 2010/unknown ARC Edit

Andre will make an appearance in the new ARC alongside a couple of other characters during the reapers game ARC.

Weapon Edit

(virtual)Kingdom key